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Welcome to the CAS e-Contest submission page!

The contest aims to share and promote best CAS practices in contemporary CAS era with the Dual-layer braided nitinol Roadsaver stent.

You are invited to submit YOUR clinical case. Click on the button below "Submit my clinical case".

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Here are some submission guidelines to submit your clinical case:

•        This contests intends to further develop CAS therapy raise awareness of its benefits when using advanced products and techniques.

•        In this case we are looking for cases performed with the Dual-Layer Braided-Nitinol Micromesh Stent RoadsaverTM
Only ELECTIVE CASES are allowed. Cases where Roadsaver was implanted during acute procedures are not allowed.

•        Please make sure to use the case presentation template to create your presentation

•        The cases should represent your practice and ideally offer some value to the community

•        Please make sure the videos are embedded in the submission template

•        Any patient information should remain confidential (any patient ID reference should be obscured)

•        No sensitive pictures and or videos (i.e., blood images ..) will be displayed

Case submission deadline extension :

15th January 2024

Download the case presentation template


Awards – Grant Package to MLCTO Endovascular Course 2024

  • The winners (top 3 cases) will be offered an educational grant covering their attendance to MLCTO Endovascular Course 2024, valued at 2.350 EUR excl. taxes.
  • The winners will be chosen independently by the jury, and communicated to Incathlab and the congress organizer, Com & Co on or before February 1st, 2024 to accommodate winners from France.
  • Terumo will pay for the 3 grants by adding them to the overall grant agreement we are negotiating with Com & Co.
  • The winner coming in first place will also be given the opportunity to present their clinical case during the MLCTO Endovascular Course 2024.



When presenting the awards, please add the following disclaimer (may be adapted to fit in with your overall announcement):
The educational grant that will be offered to the winners of the contest covers full attendance to the MLCTO Endovascular Course 2024, including registration to the event, transportation to Brussels, transfers on-site and accommodation for 3 nights at a suitable location near the congress venue.

The grant will be provided in accordance with the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice as well as all other applicable (local) transparency, anti-gift and bribery laws or regulations. Depending on your country of practice, additional requirements may apply, such as a notification or authorization upfront to/by a local competent body (e.g. physician’s association) and/or your hospital administration. The contest organization will inform you in a timely manner should your cooperation be needed to comply with these requirements.

Participants practicing in Belgium or the Netherlands are encouraged to participate, but are not eligible to receive the award due to limits on the sponsoring of attendance to third-party organized events set by the respective local regulations (GMH Code and BeMedTech Code). The contest organization will look for a suitable alternative to celebrate winners from these two countries.

Alternative, if BE and NL participants are excluded Participants practicing in Belgium or the Netherlands are excluded from this contest due to the (partial) ban on direct and indirect sponsoring of attendance to third-party organized events set by the respective local regulations (GMH Code and BeMedTech Code). As such, they are not eligible to receive the award of attendance to MLCTO Endovascular Course 2024 sponsored through an educational grant.

Thank you for your participation.

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